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Having a suit or two in your closet is something that, regardless of your style, is practically indispensable if you want to cover all the opportunities that are presented to you ahead. But you will agree that it is often insufficient: one in spring, one in summer, informal style, wedding, graduation… every situation seems to require its own suit. By varying the shirts, neckties and / or bow ties, including small details such as straps or even being able to combine the bottom of some set with the top of another, you will have endless possibilities with which, despite repeating suit, you will not repeat a set at any time. It is something that you should not lose sight of. One thing that is important is custom tailoring. Get custom tailored suits DC to look as good as possible.

An essential is the dark gray suit, understanding that today the chromatic palette of grays is immense: slate, ash, graphite, … Undoubtedly it is the most correct and neutral option for occasions that lend themselves to be held at daytime. Of course there are many more colors apart from gray to consider in this type of situation (celestial blue, dark green, garnet, lilac …) but with gray not only you will be investing in one of them but also you use it for more than one kind of event.

If in the morning you have the gray, at night you will have the dark blue. And for dark blue you do not have to understand only navy blue. The ceruleans, the indigo, the navy … are equally valid options. This suit will also be able to save you in a hurry for graduations, weddings or company dinners, not to mention that both this and gray can take advantage of the jacket and combine it with jeans for more informal outfits.