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In the frying pan of your domestic kitchen, things have sometimes gotten out of hand.

Not so much a case of too many cooks spoil the broth but more a case of things going awry from the moment you wake up in the morning. It gets worse by the time you are working. Things can get pretty hectic for you if you are running your own business. Breakfast is not quite served as the toaster decides to quit and the toast gets burned.

And wasted. Waste piles up and it can cost you if you happen to be running a commercial kitchen. This can be anything from a catering business from home to a full a la carte restaurant downtown. Those of you who have ventured into startups have entered a challenging arena. The hospitality industry, in general, is a very competitive one to operate in. As a new player, you have to make ends meet with more established players, many of whom continue to find the going rough.

One of the things that gets you ahead of the rest is to never keep your customers waiting. As a small coffee shop business, you may not have the financial resources to employ more hands in your kitchen. You don’t need those. What you do need and can get is something that sounds so simple. With your customers’ coffee will come muffins, croissants or even a full house breakfast. To cater for that end all you need is a holman toaster.

It is that simple, really. The brand is a longstanding one and does not cost you. Premium appliances and parts when needed last a lot longer than average. And for those that cannot wait, the hunger pangs last only a few moments.

There are old folks who have given it their all in life and have gone on to live so long that they have aged considerably to the point that they can no longer take care of themselves or even walk.

To this end, they or their loved ones entrust them to the care and dedication of exceptionally gifted care-givers. These health services workers and professionals have given their lives towards realizing their vocational aspirations. But what about the poorest of the poor who cannot afford professional care in their old age.

And what about the poorest wheelchair bound men and women who are not able to take care of themselves either. These folks are also set back so much so that their own families can no longer take care of them either. The questions are answered thankfully and joyfully in a heartbeat. This is because of the growing awareness of the existence of volunteer groups and non-governmental organizations that are perhaps doing even more in preparing the much needed services to the wheelchair bound and the poor and needy.

But given that they do not derive an income from their devoted services, they also need urgent help. Essential tools and carriage materials cost a fortune, particularly when supplied secondhand and in good working order. Fortunately, help is at hand for them as well. Today, their fund raisers can acquire well-oiled used wheelchair vans at prices they can afford. This, of course, leaves them with more space to make provision for other essentials such as warm clothing and good, nourishing and healthy food that most of us simply take for granted.

If you know of such organizations, perhaps you can research this opportunity and initiate a new drive to help their patients.