How Should Extensions be Washed?

For a longer duration of your hair extensions, it is always advisable to wash with warm water, avoiding excessively hot water.

Before washing, it is important to brush them deeply to avoid washing the extensions with any entanglement, produced by products such as foams or others, you must know that if you wet hair already entangled, it will cake making it impossible to untangle it, so it is important to brush them before washing.

To prevent this from happening and prolong the life of the best wholesale hair extensions, you must use products of excellent quality and follow the following instructions:

  1. It is recommended not to put your head low, natural hair extensions should be washed from the crown to the tips and in hair growth direction.
  2. Apply a nutritious product with dry hair. Ideally a good repairing serum and untangle it completely.
  3. Wet with warm water both the hair itself and the extensions.
  4. Use anti-frizz shampoo made special for extensions, wigs and hairpieces.
  5. Distribute the normal amount of shampoo in the root area, massage the scalp gently, always from top to bottom and without rubbing the hair, thus it will clean both natural hair and extensions.
  6. Rinse all hair without rubbing. When rinsing the hair, it should be done for a few seconds longer than usual, since the added volume with natural hair extensions implies that it takes a little more time to rinse well.
  7. Apply a mask or a conditioning cream that contains amino acids and very nutritious elements, massaging (combing) the hair from means to tips so that the product penetrates and moisturizes all the hair fiber, but avoid reaching the roots, since the creams and conditioners could damage the joining of the extensions.